19 August 2021

AAS President’s Statement on Afghanistan

Paula Szkody

Paula Szkody University of Washington, Seattle

The leadership of the American Astronomical Society (AAS) is deeply concerned and saddened by the current situation in Afghanistan. As events continue to unfold, we are particularly concerned for the well-being of our Afghan colleagues, and especially for the rights of women and girls to be full participants in their society with unlimited access to education and to scientific careers.

We pledge to welcome and mentor Afghan astronomers who find refuge in the US so that they can find the resources to continue their work, and so that their children can pursue their education. In addition, the AAS is working with other US and international scientific organizations such as the International Astronomical Union to find opportunities to help Afghan scientists and to advocate when and where we can be most effective.

Lastly, I encourage all of us to be mindful and supportive of our colleagues who now reside outside Afghanistan but who fear for the safety of — and prospects for — their family and friends who remain in Afghanistan during this difficult time.