10 May 2021

Solar Physics Division Names Recipients of 2021 Popular Media Awards

SPD 50th Anniversary LogoThe AAS Solar Physics Division (SPD) has announced the winners of its 2021 Popular Media Awards, and two out of three recognize work published in Sky & Telescope and written by AAS members. SPD's Popular Media Awards are given to authors of popular or semipopular articles on the Sun or the effects of the Sun on Earth's environment. One award is made to a scientist, another to a science writer/journalist, and — new this year — a third goes to a student. Each of the three awards includes a $500 honorarium and a certificate.

Monica Young: "To Touch the Sun: NASA’s Parker Solar Probe Is on a Record-Breaking Journey to Study Our Nearest Star," Sky & Telescope, November 2020. Monica Young, who has degrees in both astronomy and journalism, is S&T's News Editor. Terri Dubé, S&T's Art Director, is also recognized for graphical design and layout of the article. Download a PDF of the article.

Monica Bobra: "Crossing the Edge of Our Solar System," Sky & Telescope, September 2020. Monica Bobra is a research scientist at Stanford University, a member NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory science team, and an S&T Contributing Editor. Nicolle R. Fuller, an illustrator at Sayo Studio, is also recognized for realization of the visualization. Download a PDF of the infographic.

Cosima Breu: "You Spin Me Right Round: A Magnetic Avalanche in the Solar Corona," Astrobites, 30 March 2020. Cosima Breu is a graduate student at the Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research in Göttingen. Read the Astrobite.

The editors of Sky & Telescope have posted an online article offering a behind-the-scenes look at how the two Monicas' stories came into being. In that article they point out that although the AAS publishes S&T, the magazine's staff enjoys complete editorial independence.

Congratulations to all three winners of SPD's 2021 Popular Media Awards!