24 May 2021

Action Alert: Support the NSF for the Future Act

Community Support Letter

The American Physical Society (APS) has launched a grassroots campaign to bolster support for the House Science Committee's National Science Foundation (NSF) for the Future Act. This campaign allows for individual scientists/engineers/researchers to show their support for the House Science Committee's bill by adding their name to this high-level sign-on letter via APS's grassroots website.

Please note that the letter is for individuals (not organizations) to sign on to. By adding your name to this letter, you indicate your personal support for the NSF for the Future Act. The views expressed in this petition are those of the individuals signing, and not those of their places of employment or institutions of study.

The letter will remain open for sign-on through Tuesday, 1 June. Once the letter is closed, APS will deliver a single letter with all signee names included to the House Science Committee and House leadership.

Add Your Name to Support the NSF for the Future Act

APS disengaged any opt-in functions, so signing on does not opt the signer into getting APS emails or texts. Signees will appear in APS's grassroots system for this one activity, but APS does not share/sell user information.

NSF for the Future Act

The bipartisan NSF for the Future Act (H.R. 2225) offers significant annual authorization increases for NSF’s core programs. It also creates and authorizes funding for a new Science and Engineering Solutions Directorate. The bill contains many efforts to improve STEM education at all levels, expands the graduate research fellowship and traineeship programs, and promotes a wider variety of career options for students. The bill authorizes strong increases for both major research equipment and facilities construction and mid-scale infrastructure programs, while ensuring that research capacity is increased at diverse institutions nationwide.

The American Institute of Physics has a summary of the bill contents online.