17 April 2020

AAS-IOP eBooks Collection Is Growing!

Steven Kawaler

Steven Kawaler Iowa State University

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As a possible diversion in these challenging times, I’d like to celebrate and highlight the latest in the AAS-IOP Astronomy eBooks Collection. We’re now into our third year of this program and have published 16 books by influential authors from around the globe, spanning the fields of astronomy, astrophysics, solar physics, and planetary sciences. You can view some of the latest by following the links below.

We want to continue to grow by publishing books that further enhance our mission to share humanity’s scientific knowledge of the universe. If you’d like to contribute toward this, please contact our commissioning editor Leigh Jenkins.

I hope you’re safe and well.

Steve Kawaler
Chair, Editorial Board
AAS-IOP Astronomy eBooks Collection

Recently Published Titles in the AAS-IOP Astronomy eBooks Collection

The Chandra X-ray ObservatoryFree Chapter The Doppler Method for the Detection of ExoplanetsFree Chapter The Cosmic 21-cm RevolutionFree Chapter Extreme Solar Particle StormsFree Chapter
Astronomy EducationFree Chapter Time-Domain Studies of the Andromeda GalaxyFree Chapter Extragalactic NovaeFree Chapter Gas-Phase Chemistry in SpaceFree Chapter


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