24 March 2020

Membership Matters: Final Renewal Campaign and Payment Methods

Diane Frendak, American Astronomical Society (AAS)

Did you forget to renew your AAS membership? Newly inactive members are on our list to receive a phone call about their renewal for 2020. It’s our last effort to win you back this year. We’ll even waive your $10 reinstatement fee!

Whether you share your science in our journals or at our meetings (in-person or virtual), read Physics Today or Sky & Telescope, or were a member just to be part of our community, you'll always have a home with the AAS. We are here to reconnect you with those who share a passion for using science to uncover the mysteries of the universe.

Hate getting telemarketing calls? (Me too!) Leave me a voicemail at 202-328-2010 x109 or have me call you by filling out this form. Or, if you prefer online renewal, you can use the same form to request your login credentials and/or to indicate whether you wish to donate or waive your reinstatement fee.

For the time being, the AAS requests that all members paying for their membership renewal or other services make their payments via credit card. Renewing by credit card is easy and secure, while paying by check requires your renewal to be processed by a third-party service vendor — and we cannot guarantee the timeliness of their response during the coronavirus pandemic.

If you’re not interested in maintaining your AAS membership at this time, kindly mention this to the call center representative. The Society has hired a small, women-owned call center in Indiana for this service.