20 March 2020

Live-Streamed Astronomy Presentations & Events

Richard Fienberg

Richard Fienberg AAS Solar Eclipse Task Force

Susanna Kohler

Susanna Kohler American Astronomical Society (AAS)

To limit the spread and severity of the coronavirus outbreak, many AAS members and others are working from home and practicing other types of social distancing. In addition, many institutions and organizations are moving colloquia and other events from on-site to online, making them accessible to anyone with an internet connection.

As a service to the community, the AAS is compiling a list of live-streamed astronomy presentations and events — both those intended for professional astronomers and those intended for a wider audience.

AAS Listing of Live-Streamed Astronomy Presentations & Events

RSSThanks to Peter Teuben (University of Maryland), the list is also available via an RSS feed.

Is your institution or organization webcasting astronomy talks or other events of interest to astronomers or the public? If so, we'd love to have you add the relevant information to our listing to help spread the word!

To add information about a presentation or event, please use our Google form.

Add a Presentation or Event to Our Listing

Online Astronomy@Home Awards

The International Astronomical Union (IAU) Office for Astronomy Outreach has established an awards program to recognize excellence in online astronomy programming during the COVID-19 pandemic. For details, see the Online Astronomy@Home Awards webpage.