21 January 2020

Applications Open for ComSciCon 2020!

Harshil Kamdar, Center for Astrophysics l Harvard & Smithsonian

Calling all graduate students interested in communicating science: apply now to ComSciCon 2020! Our annual flagship conference for graduate students at US and Canadian universities will take place in Boston, 11-13 June, this year.

ComSciCon's annual flagship event is a science communication leadership workshop organized by graduate students, for graduate students. Our events are entirely free to attend and support for travel and accommodations will be provided to non-local selected accepted applicants. ComSciCon also has a network of chapters across the US and Canada, which each host their own annual events focused on science communication training. Visit our website to find a chapter near you!

ComSciCon was founded by AAS members and other graduate students in 2012. Since then, our student leaders have organized about 40 science communication leadership and training workshops throughout the US and Canada serving thousands of students. From the beginning, the generous support of AAS and other societies, universities, and contributors has made it possible for students to attend ComSciCon free of charge.

The application closes Sunday, 1 March 2020.


Attendees and organizers of ComSciCon'19 in San Diego, CA.