22 January 2020

AIP Reports on Women Among Physics and Astronomy Faculty

Richard Fienberg

Richard Fienberg, AAS Press Officer

This post is adapted from a report by the AIP Statistical Research Center:

The Statistical Research Center of the American Institute of Physics (AIP) has published a new report, "Women Among Physics and Astronomy Faculty," presenting results from the 2018 Academic Workforce Survey. The authors are Cynthia Helba, Anne Marie Porter, Starr Nicholson, and Rachel Ivie. Here's a summary of their findings:

The representation of women among physics and astronomy faculty members continues to grow. In 2018, women were 19% of physics faculty members and 23% of astronomy faculty members. A greater percentage of women continue to be hired in physics, and 27% of new faculty hires were women in 2018. Around 80% of all physics departments had at least one female professor on staff in 2018, and PhD granting departments had the greatest number of women in professor positions. Over 95% of PhD departments had at least one female professor, and compared to 2010, a greater percentage of PhD departments employed five or more female professors in 2018.

Percent of Physics Faculty Members Who Are Women, 2006-2018


Percent of Astronomy Faculty Members Who Are Women, 2010-2018


For more information, see the full report on AIP's website.