26 November 2019

AAS Members Elected as AAAS Fellows

Richard Fienberg

Richard Fienberg AAS Solar Eclipse Task Force

This post is adapted from a 26 November 2019 AAAS press release:

AAAS LogoMore than 400 members of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) have earned the lifetime distinction of AAAS Fellow, in honor of their invaluable contributions to science and technology, and among them are quite a few AAS members:

  • W. Niel Brandt, Pennsylvania State University
  • Dale E. Gary, New Jersey Institute of Technology
  • Vicky Kalogera, Northwestern University
  • Makenzie Lystrup, Ball Aerospace
  • Colin Norman, Johns Hopkins University
  • Sarah T. Stewart, University of California, Davis
  • Edward Witten, Institute for Advanced Study
  • Farhad Yusef-Zadeh, Northwestern University

If you're a new AAAS Fellow and are missing from the foregoing list, please email Rick Fienberg, AAS Press Officer, and he'll remedy the omission. (Sometimes an AAS member is elected by a section other than Astronomy, making it harder to spot them!)

AAAS Fellow RosetteFellows are elected each year by their peers serving on the Council of AAAS, the organization’s member-run governing body. The 2019 group will receive official certificates and rosette pins in gold and blue, colors symbolizing science and engineering, in a ceremony on 15 February 2020, during the AAAS Annual Meeting in Seattle. The honor recognizes diverse accomplishments, including pioneering research, leadership within a given field, teaching and mentoring, fostering collaborations and advancing public understanding of science.

The tradition of electing AAAS Fellows began in 1874. Since then, the recognition has gone to thousands of distinguished scientists, such as astronomer Maria Mitchell, elected in 1875, inventor Thomas Edison (1878), anthropologist Margaret Mead (1934), computer scientist Grace Hopper (1963), and popular science author Jared Diamond (2000).

The full list of 2019 Fellows will be published in the 29 November issue of Science.

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