1 August 2019

August 2019 Issue of Physics Today Is Online & in the Mail

Hua Liu

Hua Liu American Astronomical Society (AAS)

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Physics Today August 2019In the August 2019 Issue

Physics in the Former Yugoslavia: From Socialist Dreams to Capitalist Realities
The homeland of Nikola Tesla and Jožef Stefan saw a rise in physics funding after World War II. Now, after the destruction wrought by the Yugoslav Wars of the 1990s, physics in Yugoslavia’s successor states is recovering, albeit unevenly. — Mićo Tatalović and Nenad Jarić Dauenhauer

The North American Eclipse of 1869
A coast-to-coast eclipse on 7 August 1869 gave US astronomers a chance to make their mark on 19th-century astronomy. — Deborah Kent

Fifth-Generation Broadband Wireless Threatens Weather Forecasting
Radio-frequency interference from upcoming 5G networks may make it more difficult to collect critical water-vapor data. — Alex Lopatka

A Big Step for Nanoporous Graphene Provides a Small Step for Desalination
Carbon-nanotube reinforcement and template-based etching help scale up membranes. — Rachel Berkowitz

Commentary: On the Quality and Costs of Science Publication
 — Detlef Lohse and Eckart Meiburg

Charm-Quark Decays Violate Charge–Parity Symmetry
In the quest to understand how particles behave differently from their antiparticles, the LHCb experiment has a promising new result. — Johanna L. Miller

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