12 July 2019

Changes at the NSF Division of Astronomical Sciences

Richard Green and Ralph GaumeA recently developed institutional conflict of interest has caused Dr. Richard Green to request that his term not be renewed as Director of the Division of Astronomical Sciences (AST) within the Directorate for Mathematical & Physical Sciences (MPS) at the National Science Foundation (NSF). Richard's term ends on September 17th. Although I regret his need to depart, I have accepted his decision. Richard has shown tremendous dedication to the vision of astronomy at the NSF and has had an exceptional tenure as Division Director. I am sorry to lose his valuable insights, his strong sense of community, and his leadership at NSF.

That said, MPS is very fortunate in having Dr. Ralph Gaume, the talented and experienced Deputy Division Director of AST, available and willing to take on the permanent Division Director position on September 18th. He brings 20 years of experience at the US Naval Observatory, with research experience in radio astronomy and many years of institutional knowledge within the NSF Division of Astronomical Sciences. Both AST and MPS will work to ensure a seamless and effective transition.

— Anne L. Kinney, NSF Assistant Director for Mathematical & Physical Sciences