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Highlights from AAS Nova: 19 May - 1 June 2019

Monday, June 3, 2019 - 22:19

AAS Nova provides brief highlights of recently published articles from the AAS journals, i.e., The Astronomical Journal (AJ) and The Astrophysical Journal (ApJ), ApJ Letters, and ApJ Supplements. The website's intent is to gain broader exposure for AAS authors and to provide astronomy researchers and enthusiasts with summaries of recent, interesting research across a wide range of astronomical fields.

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The following are the AAS Nova highlights from the past two weeks; follow the links to read more, or visit the AAS Nova webpage for more posts.

31 May 2019
Building a Pair of Blue Stragglers
A recent study looks at one way unusually bright and blue stars might form in clusters … with a little help from a friend.

29 May 2019
Do Active Galactic Nuclei Help or Hurt Life?
A new study suggests radiation from the centers of active galaxies could play an important role in the formation and survival of life on some planets.

28 May 2019
Feeling Gassy?
Why don’t sub-Saturns accrete enough gas to become full-blown Saturns or Jupiters? Astrobites reports.

24 May 2019
Plasma Processes in Mars’s Shadow
NASA’s MAVEN mission has given us an in-depth look at the atmosphere of our neighboring planet. What’s happening to the atmospheric plasma during Martian nighttime?

22 May 2019
Seeking the Circumgalactic Medium with Dragonfly
Astrobites reports on whether an instrument designed to image low surface brightness objects can help shed light on ghostly structures of the circumgalactic and intergalactic media.

21 May 2019
It’s Getting Hot, Hot, Hot With Coronal Loops
Are sunspots the key to answering the decades-old solar coronal heating problem? Astrobites reports.

20 May 2019
Featured Image: A Runaway Pulsar
In these dramatic images, a pulsar can be seen plunging out of a supernova remnant and taking off into interstellar space.

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