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Laboratory Astrophysics Division Seeks Prize Nominations

Sunday, March 24, 2019 - 13:28

LAD LogoThe AAS Laboratory Astrophysics Division (LAD) annually invites nominations for the Laboratory Astrophysics Prize, the Early Career Award, and the Dissertation Prize. The field of laboratory astrophysics encompasses all fundamental theoretical and experimental research into the underlying processes that drive the cosmos. 

  • The Laboratory Astrophysics Prize is presented to an individual who has made significant theoretical or experimental contributions to laboratory astrophysics over an extended period of time.
  • The Early Career Award recognizes a significant theoretical or experimental contribution to laboratory astrophysics early in a person's professional career. Nominees must have no more than 10 years of professional experience since their PhD or equivalent degree, at the end of the year of the award.
  • The Dissertation Prize recognizes an outstanding theoretical or experimental doctoral dissertation (or the equivalent) in laboratory astrophysics. The prize is awarded to an individual who has completed their PhD or equivalent degree in any of the three calendar years immediately preceding the award year.

All three prizes include a check, a framed certificate, and an invited lecture by the recipient at a meeting of the Laboratory Astrophysics Division. The recipients for each year will be announced typically in January/February of that year, and their presentations will be made at the annual LAD meeting, which is usually held jointly with the AAS summer meeting. Any nominee not selected will be automatically considered in the next two consecutive years, or as long as the nominee is eligible, whichever is less.

See LAD's online Call for Nominations for instructions about what to submit with each nomination. 

Nominators, letter writers, and candidates need not be AAS or LAD members. Self-nominations are allowed. The deadline for receipt of the nomination package and supporting letters for the Laboratory Astrophysics Prize and the Early Career Award is July 1st each year; the corresponding deadline for the Dissertation Prize is December 31st each year.

Attracting and serving a diverse and inclusive membership worldwide is a primary goal for LAD. In calling for nominations, we wish to remind you how important it is to give full consideration to qualified women, members of underrepresented minority groups, and scientists from outside the United States.

All nomination material should be sent by the deadline directly to the LAD Secretary.

    Daniel Wolf Savin
    LAD Secretary
    Columbia Astrophysics Laboratory
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