30 January 2018

New LaTeX Classfile for AAS Journals

Greg Schwarz American Astronomical Society (AAS)

AAS Journals

The American Astronomical Society has released its latest version of its classfile for LaTeX manuscript submissions to the Astronomical Journal (AJ), Astrophysical Journal (ApJ), Astrophysical Journal Letters (ApJL), Astrophysical Journal Supplements (ApJS), and now also Research Notes of the AAS (RNAAS). The New changes in version 6.2:

  1. A new style option to produce abstract-less Research Notes articles. You can write a short note and still have access to all the built-in features of AASTeX such as line numbering, highlighting changes, and improved table and figure features created in v6.0 and 6.1.
  2. The title is no longer automatically capitalized. This reflects a similar change in the typeset articles.
  3. Based on popular demand (or was it outrage?), the page skip between the front matter (e.g., title, author information, and abstract) and the main body of the article introduced in v6.1 has been changed from the default behavior to an option.
  4. AASTeX is built upon RevTeX, and v6.2 and makes improvements to two RevTeX features: \doi and the widetext environment. The \doi command will automatically append “https://doi.org/“ to its argument. The widetext environment gives authors the ability to span a double-column layout style so that long equations or URL strings span the entire page.

AASTeX v6.2 is available for download. Sample articles for the ApJ/AJ/ApJS/ApJL as well as RNAAS are also available in the same place. An updated author guide is also available. While there is no current timetable for a version 6.3 the AAS welcomes comments and suggestions that may be incorporated into future development.