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January 2018 Issue of Physics Today Is Online & in the Mail

Thursday, January 4, 2018 - 17:58

Physics Today, the flagship publication of the American Institute of Physics, is the most influential and closely followed physics magazine in the world. With authoritative features, full news coverage and analysis, and fresh perspectives on technological advances and groundbreaking research, Physics Today informs readers about science and its role in society. Members of the AAS, an AIP Member Society, automatically receive free print and online subscriptions to the magazine. Physics Today Online, the magazine’s internet home, presents an enhanced digital edition and provides a valuable online archive.

Physics Today January 2018In the January 2018 Issue

The Formation of the Heaviest Elements
The rapid neutron–capture process needed to build up many of the elements heavier than iron seems to take place primarily in neutron-star mergers, not supernova explosions. — Anna Frebel & Timothy C. Beers

Introductory Physics Labs: We Can Do Better
Research reveals that labs are more effective when their goal is to teach experimental practices rather than to reinforce classroom instruction. — Natasha G. Holmes & Carl E. Wieman

Mary Somerville’s Vision of Science
The Scottish mathematician and writer shaped the way we think about science and carved a place for herself in the intellectual world of the 19th century. — James Secord

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Richard Tresch Fienberg
AAS Press Officer
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