5 January 2018

Introducing Kerrin Hensley, Our First AAS Media Fellow

Susanna Kohler

Susanna Kohler American Astronomical Society (AAS)

In September we announced a new AAS-sponsored program for graduate students: the AAS Media Fellowship. This quarter-time fellowship is intended for current graduate students in the astronomical sciences who wish to cultivate their science-communication skills. We are pleased to announce that Kerrin Hensley, a graduate student at Boston University, has been selected for the position for 2018.

Kerry studied astrophysics and Chinese at Williams College. Upon graduation she did a summer internship with the Cassini mission at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, then went to Taiwan as a Fulbright Fellow to teach English to children. She is now in her third year of the astronomy PhD program at BU, working with Paul Withers studying solar-cycle variations of Venus's ionosphere using radio occultations. Kerry is also an author and editor for the graduate-student-run astronomy blog Astrobites.

You can expect to see Kerry around at AAS meetings this year, beginning with the January meeting near Washington, DC, helping to run press conferences with AAS Press Officer Rick Fienberg. Also, keep an eye out for her future posts on AAS Nova!

We're very excited to welcome Kerry to the AAS team.