11 December 2017

Personalized Support at the Gemini Booth at AAS 231

By André-Nicolas Chené

Gemini Observatory

Gemini Observatory is offering personalized help at the Gemini booth in the Exhibit Hall at the 231st AAS meeting near Washington, DC, 8-12 January.

If you have Gemini data, a Gemini program, or even a vague idea of a project to do with an 8-meter telescope in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere and you wonder if Gemini would be the right tool, you can visit the Gemini booth any time during Exhibit Hall hours (except during the Gemini Observatory Open House on Tuesday evening from 5:30 to 6:30 pm).

To ensure the best level of support for your specific needs, we strongly encourage you to book an appointment in advance. To do so, please send an email to SUS_inquiries@gemini.edu with your name and a brief description of what you need help with. If you need help with data reduction, bring your laptop with AstroConda and Gemini IRAF v1.14 installed, and remember to bring your data too.