2 January 2018

CSMA Unveils People of Color in Astronomy Listing

Lia Corrales University of Michigan

CSMA member Keith HawkinsThe AAS Committee on the Status of Minorities in Astronomy (CSMA) is proud to announce the new People of Color in Astronomy Listing on the AAS website. We encourage AAS members to use the directory for finding colloquium speakers, job candidates, and peer mentors.

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions:

1. Who should list themselves in the roster? We encourage astronomers who identify as persons of color to add themselves to the list. You will be asked to self-identify your race and ethnicity in whatever terms you like. Examples: African-American, black and proud, Latinx.

2. Who can view the roster? We aim to preserve privacy by limiting the roster to a professional audience. Only AAS members with an account on the AAS website can view the directory.

3. Can I add myself to the roster even though I am not a AAS member? Yes, anyone can add themselves to the directory by filling out the Google form linked from the directory page. However, you will not be able to view your listing, or anyone else's, without a member account on the AAS website.

4. How do I update my listing? You can update your listing by filling out the Google form a second time. The list will periodically be searched for duplicate names and email addresses. If you have both a name change and an email address change, please give us a heads up.

5. What is the purpose of the roster? The directory is meant to increase the visibility of astronomers of color in the field. We encourage AAS members to use the directory for recruiting people of color to their institutions. We also encourage astronomers of color to use the directory for networking and peer mentoring. We are not alone!

If you have more questions about the People of Color in Astronomy Listing, please send us an email.