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Submitting Manuscripts to the AAS Journals Just Got Easier

Thursday, November 16, 2017 - 09:22

The AAS is pleased to announce agreements with both Overleaf (including ShareLaTeX) and Authorea, the leading collaborative authoring tools currently available to the scientific community. These tools now contain the most up-to-date AASTex templates as well as functionality that enables authors to submit directly to the AAS journals. Integration with these tools streamlines AAS manuscript submission by ensuring compliance with formatting requirements and auto-populating some metadata fields.

For more details, please see Susanna Kohler's recent AAS Nova post, "Use Authorea or Overleaf to Submit to AAS Journals."

Here are some resources that will be useful for authors:

Authorea and Overleaf have built great tools to help researchers write and edit their manuscripts. All of us on the AAS Publishing team are happy to have partnered with them to offer direct submission routes from their platforms to our journals. We encourage you to give these new tools a try and to email us with any comments or suggestions.

Julie Steffen
Director of Publishing
American Astronomical Society (AAS)
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