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Cast Your Vote for New AAS Articles of Incorporation & Bylaws

Thursday, June 15, 2017 - 07:56

The AAS Council has adopted new Articles of Incorporation and new Bylaws, subject to the approval of the members of the Society. This process was initiated after a year-long effort by the Governance Task Force, chaired by former AAS President David Helfand. The new Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws will make our governance more efficient and transparent, while involving our Divisions and Committees more directly in the regular course of Society business.

Key changes relative to our earlier governance model include these:

  • The current, rather unwieldy 20-person Council will be replaced by a smaller, more nimble Board of Trustees.
  • A new Strategic Assembly will be composed of the Board of Trustees and Chairs of our AAS Divisions and major Committees.
  • We’ll develop a formal process to document Board policies and share important decisions with members.
  • Rather than meeting only twice a year like the current Council, the new Board of Trustees will meet monthly — quarterly in person and otherwise by teleconference.

Voting opened Friday, 16 June, and will remain open 45 days, until the 31 July deadline. Reminders will go out during this time period via multiple channels to encourage as many members to vote as possible. If you receive more than one notice, please accept our apologies. Please encourage your colleagues who are eligible to vote to do so. Help us re-invigorate our organization through a substantial turnout for this important election. Note that you may vote FOR, AGAINST, or ABSTAIN, all of which are important and all of which will help us establish the quorum of votes necessary by law.

Cast Your Vote
Voting will close 31 July.

Diane K. Frendak
Director of Membership Services
American Astronomical Society (AAS)
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