9 November 2016

Upcoming Webinars from AWIS on Creating Inclusive Workplaces

Kevin Marvel

Kevin Marvel, American Astronomical Society (AAS)

Association for Women in ScienceThe Association for Women in Science (AWIS) invites AAS members to join webinars in the series "Start With Me: How to Create Inclusive Pockets of Greatness."

Have you ever felt like you are standing in an echo chamber? Research is clear that diverse teams increase productivity and get results — but changing cultures and mindsets is hard. It takes understanding, awareness, and effort to become a true ally for creating inclusive environments. This AWIS leadership series will give you an introspective look at intersectional identities in the workplace and provide you the tools and resources you need to be an advocate and ally.

Participants in this series will be successfully equipped to:
  • Understand workplace experiences and policies from diverse perspectives.
  • Overcome personal biases and blind spots to become a strong ally and advocate for diversity and inclusion.
  • Apply research-based knowledge to practical steps needed to effect cultural change.

This series will culminate in the launch of a new AWIS signature report on broadening participation in STEM that will empower you with the research-based knowledge to put personally developed skills into action.

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Series Events

16 November at 12:00 pm ET
Beyond Doc and Dora: Examining the intersections of gender and race in the experiences of women of color with Michelle Espino and Kimberly Griffin

14 December at 12:00 pm ET
Reframing Disability with Amanda Kraus, PhD

11 January at 12:00 pm ET
Ramón S. Barthelemy

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