6 October 2016

Upcoming Webinars from AWIS

Kevin Marvel

Kevin Marvel, American Astronomical Society (AAS)

Association for Women in ScienceThe Association for Women in Science (AWIS) has two upcoming webinars that may be of interest to AAS members.

Learn more about the association from current and past AWIS presidents this Friday, 7 October, at 4:00 pm ET during the "virtual happy hour" webinar. Return next Thursday, 13 October, at 2:00 pm ET for the first webinar in a new four-part Talent and Leadership Development series on broadening participation in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). The series kicks off with Beth Mitchneck and Tess Carter, experts on diversity and inclusion in STEM, with the webinar "A Student and Faculty Perspective on Allies and Allyship: Helping to Create Inclusive Workplaces." The speakers will discuss questions like:

  • What is allyship and how does that differ from providing support or mentoring?
  • How do you develop allyship?
  • What tools or means have you found in the moment to be an effective ally?

Participants will leave the webinar with concrete tools to be an ally in the workplace. Learn more and register for this webinar.