29 March 2016

Celebrate 2016 International Dark Sky Week 4-10 April

2016 International Dark Sky WeekInternational Dark Sky Week was created by a high school student in 2003 as a way to draw attention to the problems associated with light pollution and to promote simple solutions to lessen its effects. It is now a celebrated event each April, coinciding with Earth Day and Global Astronomy Month, and will take place 4–10 April this year.

The International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) leads the charge for Dark Sky Week and has a wealth of information and resources available online about light pollution and what you can do to help. IDA, with Loch Ness Productions, also created a six-minute video for planetarium or flat-screen formats called "Losing the Dark." The video, included below, is available to download and share for free in 15 languages.

For more information about International Dark Sky Week, visit the website or follow the IDA on Facebook and Twitter (they'll be using #IDSW2016).