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Lunacy in August on the AAS Wall Calendar

Thursday, July 31, 2014 - 14:56

If you're a fan of the annual Perseid meteor shower, which peaks on the night of 11-12 August, you might be excited by the new Moon shown on 10 August in the 2014 AAS Wall Calendar. After all, it implies dark skies all night, making for prime meteor-watching conditions.

Sadly, though, the 10 August new Moon is a misprint. The symbol for a full Moon should be shown on that date instead. In fact, the Perseids will occur this year in full moonlight, which will wash out all but the brightest meteors.

We apologize for the error and look forward to next year's Perseid shower, which really will occur without interference from moonlight (new Moon occurs on 14 August 2015).

Richard Tresch Fienberg
Press Officer
American Astronomical Society (AAS)