6 April 2014

A New Resource Guide for Education & Outreach

Andrew Fraknoi Fromm Inst./U of San Francisco

A new resource guide for those doing astronomy outreach is now available in the education area of the AAS website. Compiled by the undersigned, it is called the MOOSE, which stands for "Menu of Outreach Opportunities in Science Education." The guide was assembled for the AAS Astronomy Ambassadors program, which provides early-career astronomers with workshops and a national community to assist them in reaching classrooms, community organizations, and public audiences more effectively.

The MOOSE's 12 sections cover existing astronomy outreach programs, places around the country to do outreach, training manuals, evaluation resources, websites for finding good images and hands-on activities, and presentation techniques.

We hope you'll find the guide useful. We welcome suggestions for additional items to include in it; please email them to the AAS.