20 December 2013

NASA Astrophysics Roadmap Now Available

Chryssa Kouveliotou George Washington University

Dear Colleagues, 

In early 2013 the Astrophysics Subcommittee (APS) of the NASA Advisory Council/Science Committee commissioned a task force to develop a vision for NASA’s Astrophysics Division spanning the next three decades. The charter given to this team was to produce a compelling long-term vision for space astrophysics building upon the baseline given in the recent decadal survey New Worlds, New Horizons.

The Roadmap Task Force report is now completed and posted online at http://science.nasa.gov/science-committee/subcommittees/nac-astrophysics-subcommittee/astrophysics-roadmap/.

Chryssa Kouveliotou, Chair
On behalf of the Roadmap Task Force