21 November 2013

Reminder: Renew Now for Big Savings!

Time is running out on the two special offers we're making available to members during this year's renewal season.

You have until 31 December 2013 to renew for two years at the 2014 rate, locking in the 2014 rate for 2015 too. This applies not only to your basic AAS membership but also to your division memberships. (Note: This offer is not available to junior members; instead, junior members get a two-years-for-the-price-of-one special rate when first joining the Society.)

If you renew by 31 December you'll also receive a 15% discount off your portion of the author charges for one paper in the Astrophysical Journal, ApJ Letters, ApJ Supplement, or the Astronomical Journal for 2014. (Note: This offer is available to all members, including junior members.)

Best of all, if you're eligible for both benefits, you can combine them: If you pay your 2015 dues by 31 December 2013, you'll receive the 15% author-charge discount in 2015 as well!

Paper renewal notices are going out very shortly to all current members who haven't yet renewed online. Online renewals keep everyone's costs down. Please renew at members.aas.org. Do it now, and save money on your membership and author charges!