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NASA Astrophysics Roadmap Town Hall Meeting, 6-7 May 2013

Thursday, May 2, 2013 - 11:45

This message is to announce the first Virtual Town Hall meeting of the NASA Astrophysics Roadmap Team 6-7 May 2013. 

The Roadmap will present a compelling 30-year vision for astrophysics. Community input and abstracts have been solicited, and selected abstracts will be presented at the Town Hall. 

The Town Hall will be held both on the Adobe Connect system (in order to see presentations) as well as a teleconferencing system (in order to ask questions to the Roadmap Team.) 

You can find more information about the Town Hall (including the program and links to all the public abstracts) at

Please join us in this opportunity to the engage and plan the next 30 years of astrophysics. 

For the Roadmap Team,
Chryssa Kouveliotou
Joan Centrella
Brad Peterson

Joan Centrella