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AAS 232 for the Policy Crowd

Tuesday, May 22, 2018 - 19:13

AAS 232 LogoThe 232nd meeting of the American Astronomical Society is upon us! While the full meeting schedule is available through our website, I would like to highlight several AAS 232 events — concurrent sessions, splinter meetings, town halls, panels, plenaries, and special sessions — that are particularly relevant to the public-policy-interested among our membership.

In particular, I aim to draw your attention to items in the AAS 232 itinerary that relate to informing and/or developing the public policy that governs federally funded research in the astronomical sciences, which includes advisory group meetings, 2020 decadal-survey planning, agency town halls, and more.

Other roundups in preparations for the meeting include:

If you are interested in engaging in AAS 232 like a Policy Fellow, check out the following events throughout the week (all times MDT):

Saturday, 2 June

AAS Board of Trustees Meeting
8:00 am − 5:00 pm
Governor's Square 14

Monday, 4 June

109. NASA Town Hall
1:40 pm − 2:40 pm
Plaza Ballroom BE

AAS Committee on the Status of Women in Astronomy (CSWA) Priorities in the 2020s
6:00 pm − 7:30 pm
Plaza Court 3

127. The Promise of Multimessenger Astrophysics Town Hall
6:40 pm − 7:40 pm

Tuesday, 5 June

208. National Science Foundation (NSF) Town Hall
1:40 pm − 2:30 pm
Plaza Ballroom BE

214. Astrophysics Archives in the 2020s
2:50 pm − 4:20 pm
Governor's Square 16

Drafting "State of the Profession" White Papers
6:00 pm − 7:30 pm
Plaza Court 3

224. AAS Laboratory Astrophysics Division (LAD) Town Hall: Business Meeting
6:40 pm − 7:40 pm
Plaza Ballroom BE

Wednesday, 6 June

301. Decadal Survey Preparations: State of the Profession
10:40 am − 12:10 pm
Governor's Square 10

308. National Solar Observatory (NSO) Town Hall
1:40 pm − 2:40 pm
Plaza Court 4

309. Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI) Town Hall
1:40 pm − 2:40 pm
Plaza Ballroom BE

AAS Members' Meeting
6:40 pm − 7:30 pm
Plaza Ballroom BE

Have I missed something? Get in touch to recommend additions to the list!

Ashlee N. Wilkins
John N. Bahcall Public Policy Fellow
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