Policy for Child Attendance at AAS Meetings

AAS conferences are professional events. Children under the age of 16 of registered AAS conference attendees are welcome to attend the conference with their parent or guardian if the children are always under the supervision of a parent or guardian.

Parents or guardians may bring children to any component of the conference provided the child does not disrupt the event or make it difficult for other attendees to fully participate. AAS does not require children under the age of 16 to register as guests and will provide a commemorative name badge upon request. Children over the age of 16 must register as a guest.

Children under the age of 16 attending the conference with their parents are subject to the same policies for health, safety, and appropriate conduct, however, the Society will not require them to provide proof of vaccination through the CrowdPass service. It is incumbent on parents or guardians to ensure their child is up to date with the recommended vaccinations.

The Society provides on-site childcare at a subsidized rate and has a dependent-care grant program to offset costs of care. The Society encourages caregivers to take advantage of these programs so that they can derive the greatest personal value from the conference.