UCSC Osterbrock Leadership Program

Irene and Don Osterbrock

The University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC) is the founding campus where the Osterbrock Graduate Leadership concept was born. At UCSC, the program consists of 4-7 active fellows annually, who play a central role in designing and executing the program. Features include: mentoring by senior scientists from outside the astronomy department with exceptional leadership experience, input from PhD alumni who have taken a wide range of career paths and partnerships with relevant institutions such as the California Council on Science and Technology and Space Telescope Science Institute, and the Mini-Grant program, administered by the fellows but open to all grads in the department, offering an introduction to real-life leadership experiences by managing small projects and associated budgets.

The highlight of the UCSC program is a week-long visit to Baltimore, MD, and Washington, DC, hosted by the Space Telescope Science Institute. Fellows sit in on HST TAC Panels, dine with the TAC Chair, and meet and interview some 20-25 PhD scientists in diverse science, education, and government roles in the Baltimore-Washington area.

More information on the program may be found on the UCSC NOLP web page.