AAS Speaker Ready and Audiovisual Information

Speaker Ready Room

All presentations for oral sessions will be submitted to the Speaker Ready Room where they will be distributed to the appropriate computer by our technicians.

The computers in the speaker ready room and each of the session rooms are exactly alike. If your presentation looks good in the speaker ready room, it will look good in the session. Please prepare your presentation in a 16:9 ratio format. If your presentation has audio, please inform a technician in the speaker ready room. It is strongly recommended that you test your presentation in the speaker ready room two hours before your presentation. Someone will be in the speaker ready room all day to assist you. Please feel free to drop by and ask questions.

Presentation Requirements

The computers provided will run the following software:

Software Supported
PowerPoint for Mac & Windows
Keynote (latest version)
LibreOffice for Mac
Google Docs and Google Chrome
Adobe Reader

Media Files

If your presentation includes movies or animations, please make sure to bring them with you to the speaker ready room for uploading, even if you chose to "embed" your media files.

Executable Presentations (e.g., Prezi)

If your presentation is an executable file (e.g., Prezi), please visit the Speaker Ready Room at least four hours before your scheduled talk to ensure compatibility.

File Names

The presentation file may be named whatever you wish. The system automatically creates a special directory for each speaker.

Drop Off

Bring your presentation on a USB flash drive to the speaker ready room at least two hours in advance of your session.

In the Session

You will control your presentation on the computer provided in the session room. There will be a laptop for you to use. Please do not load your presentation on the computer in the session room yourself as it may not open correctly.

Audiovisual Equipment

  • LCD Projectors and Laptops: Provided in every oral session room, free of charge. You may not use your own. You do not need to place an order to use the LCD Projector, but must adhere to the presentation requirements.

Questions or Orders: Contact Michele Stevenson or call 202-328-2010 x140.