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Author Discounts on AAS Journal Papers

As a member of the AAS who renews during the Society's annual renewal drive from early September through December, you are eligible to receive a 15% discount the following year on your share of the author charges for one paper published in an AAS journal, i.e., the Astronomical Journal or the Astrophysical Journal, Letters, or Supplement. If you choose to renew for two years*, you will receive another 15% discount the second year. For example, if you renew your membership by 31 December 2017 for two years, you will receive a 15% discount on your share of author charges for one paper published in 2018 and one paper published in 2019.

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Here's how you claim this valuable discount once your paper is accepted for publication:

  1. An Institute of Physics (IOP) Publishing representative asks the corresponding author to review the publication charge estimate.
  2. When there are several co-authors, the corresponding author submits the publication charge contribution information. It's at this step when co-authors are identified and the share of the author charges is divided. This task is completed electronically through a link provided by IOP.
  3. IOP then sends a PDF contribution form to each author with the instructions for redeeming the 15% AAS member discount. The paper's authors are asked to include their AAS ID number in the "Special Billing Instructions" section of their contribution form.
  4. IOP then bills you after applying your 15% discount.

If you have any questions about author discounts, please contact the AAS Membership Department.

*Please note that two-year renewals are not available to junior members, who instead receive two years for the price of one when first joining the Society.