Request for a Public Interest Event at an AAS Meeting

The Vice Presidents welcome proposals from members for events of interest to the general public concurrent with our meetings, to engage the local community in astronomical science and education. Such public events help support the AAS vision is “To create a world where all people value and benefit from a scientific understanding of our universe."

Examples of past public events include star parties, planetarium events, and tours of telescopes or observatories. We are especially interested in proposals for which the proposer is willing to facilitate the event planning. The AAS's role will be limited to assisting with coordination and advertising the event.
Guidelines for public events:

  • Public events associated with the AAS must be free and open to all
  • The event topic should be related to astronomy or planetary science, and/or outreach and education in those fields
  • The event should expect to draw a significant audience by virtue of the event topic and/or the speaker(s)
  • Where possible, the event should take advantage of local facilities, such as a science museum, planetarium, or other unique event space
  • The event should typically be scheduled for the evening, to avoid schedule overlaps with sessions

The AAS Vice Presidents and meetings staff reserve the right to accept, reject, or modify proposals for public events. Note that only one public event will be held at each meeting due to logistics constraints.

To propose a public event at an AAS meeting:

  • Proposals must be submitted via the web form below
  • Proposals should be submitted no later than 6 months prior to the event
  • Proposals must identify the individual(s) who will work the detailed planning, host the event, and be responsible for its success
  • Proposer must be a Full AAS Member
  • Proposals that aren't accepted must be resubmitted as a new webform submission for future consideration because public events are tied to specific AAS meeting host cities.
Please identify a specific meeting.
Please provide as much detail as possible so that the VPs can understand the scope of the event, including the connection to the host city, the likely audience, any diversity considerations, plans for advertising, partnerships with local organizers or the event site, etc.
Please indicate the preferred date or dates, and daytime or evening.
Examples include families, high school students, local clubs, etc.
Note that AAS support does not include staffing and is normally limited to logistics and advertising.
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