Nomination Form for Plenary Speakers at AAS Meetings

One of the central features of the AAS summer and winter meetings is their plenary talks spanning the full breadth of astrophysics. Some plenaries are given by prize winners from the AAS and other organizations, while other speakers are selected by the AAS Vice Presidents (VPs). Most plenary talks present science content, but talks on the state of the profession, demographics, and societal issues of relevance to the astronomical community are also regularly scheduled.

The VPs solicit nominations from the community for potential plenary speakers and/or topics. We seek dynamic speakers who can deliver engaging, visual-rich presentations to a general audience of astronomers, on topics that are of broad interest to the community. On the nomination form, please provide specific information on the candidate’s speaking ability. This is especially important for candidates from under-represented groups and institutions and early-career scientists — they may be less well-known, but we really want to provide speaking opportunities for them. The candidate speaker list will not necessarily be limited to those nominated by the community. Self-nominations are accepted.

Because of constraints on the meeting schedules, there is time for only a small fraction of worthy candidates to speak at any one meeting. So the VPs select individuals who have not given AAS plenary talks in the past.  While all nominations are gratefully accepted, we cannot guarantee that any individual nomination will result in an invitation to speak. There’s no need to re-submit nominations, as we retain suggestions for consideration for future meetings.  

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