Workshop on Oxygen in Planetary Biospheres

The Second Barry Blumberg Memorial Workshop in Astrobiology will be a 3-day event at the Green Bank Observatory, focusing on topics related to the role of oxygen in the universe, planets and life, and how the rise of oxygen on Earth may (or may not) likely have analogs on other planets. 

Attendance is limited to 50 participants, by application only, and all registration and travel expenses will be covered.  The conference scope should be construed broadly; researchers working on any related problems are strongly encouraged to apply.
Recognizing the challenges the pandemic has presented for networking over the past several years, this workshop will have a strong focus on early career researchers, and will have broad international participation. Presenters are encouraged to gear their talks to an interdisciplinary audience, eschewing the trees of internecine disciplinary debates for the forest of broader understanding.

The full workshop description is here.  


5 – 7 May 2023


Green Bank, WV