iid2022: Statistical Methods for Event Data - Illuminating the Dynamic Universe

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We are pleased to announce the meeting "iid2022: Statistical Methods for Event Data - Illuminating the Dynamic Universe" to be held on Nov. 15-19, 2022, at the scenic Lake Guntersville State Park Lodge in Guntersville, Alabama (USA).

"iid2022" is a Workshop and Winter School on Statistics, aiming to further and disseminate the use of statistical methods for astronomy and space science, the physical sciences and related disciplines.  The specific focus of this workshop is on statistical methods for event data, given their ubiquity in astronomy.  As datasets become more complex and computers enable more sophisticated methods of analysis, it is useful to bring together  data experts and mathematical statisticians to discuss how statistical methods are applicable to the data. The workshop will be organized in two morning/afternoon daily sessions, with time for discussion, collaboration and completion of statistical sample problems based on astronomical data. The workshop will also address advances in the software available for statistical data analysis.

Each session is expected to feature:

  • An introductory lecture of approximately 45 minutes, primarily aimed to explain the current state of the subject, with emphasis on mathematical statistics and sample applications
  • Shorter contributed talks and discussion of the methods, with emphasis on recent progress and applications to astronomy, space science and other fields. This is the venue for astronomers to contribute their use of statistical methods for event data.
  • Hands-on collaborative analysis of sample problems with advanced software. Problems will be presented in advance of the workshop, and they can be completed in collaboration with other participants and the instructors present at the workshop. This School component of the Workshop is aimed primarily at students and early-career postdocs.

Please note:

  1. Registration is open at https://sites.google.com/uah.edu/iid2022. There, you will also find a preliminary list of lecturers and speakers. A detailed program will be announced at a later date.
  2. Although this is intended as an in-person gathering, there is also an option for virtual remote participation. For those of you who cannot attend in person, please register with the virtual registration option.
  3. The National Science Foundation has agreed to support early-career participants (students and early-career postdocs) through the award of $1,000 lodging and travel grants, and the waiver of registration fees (see the website for details).  There are still some spots available to reserve your support. Email [email protected] so that you will receive confirmation that your support is available.
  4. Participants are encouraged to submit their paper for the Frontiers Special Topic at: http://www.frontiersin.org/research-topics/41401/statistical-methods-for-event-data---illuminating-the-dynamic-universe This book is intended to be the proceedings of the workshop, and papers will be refereed by the Frontiers editorial team.  Lecturers and general participants are all encouraged to submit their paper any time ahead of the conference.

We hope to see you in Huntsville for a week dedicated to statistics and astronomy!

On behalf of the SOC,

Max Bonamente, L. Zhao, UAH
Eric Feigelson, Penn State


15 – 19 November 2022