AAVSO Webinar, With Its Short Period Pulsator Observing Section

AAVSO's free webinar from 18:00-20:00 UT includes: 

Jarrod Hansen: "Using short period variables to teach research to undergraduate students" (25 minutes).

Marcelo Bighetti: "Development of a high school competition based on short period pulsating stars" (25 min.). An idea for high school competition using data on SPP stars will be presented, and we hope to have a test program next school year. Once piloted, plans include having AAVSO observers help school groups get even larger data sets.

Eric Hintz: "Testing automated variable star period determinations for SPP stars" (40 min.): Observers can see variations in a night and can likely get entire cycles of the light curve. We hope to make targets available to AAVSO observers-- this is a chance to help establish the nature of these objects, even in a few hours.

Questions? Please send an email to aavso@aavso.org


10 – 10 April 2021