Warm Ionized Medium in Galaxies Workshop

Registration will be open from July 1 to August 1, and the workshop will be limited to 50 participants.

The warm ionized medium, also called diffuse ionized gas, is a major component of the Galactic interstellar medium and is clearly important in other galaxies as well. In the twenty years since our previous workshop, understanding on the ionization, heating, cooling and overall dynamics of this gas has remained challenging. With several new Galactic surveys, the wealth of extragalactic data, and the advances in theoretical and computational models in the past few decades a workshop to reevaluate our understanding of the warm ionized medium is timely.

Topics to be discussed:

  • The WIM in our Galaxy
  • The WIM in other Galaxies
  • Optical/UV observations of the WIM
              a. Halpha surveys
              b. He I, [NII], [SII], etc.
  • Radio and sub-mm observations of the WIM
              a. Pulsar observations (dispersion measure)
              b. Radio recombination lines (emission measure)
  • Infrared observations of the WIM
              a. Fine-structure transitions ([CII], [NII], etc.)
  • Theory
              a. Ionization of the WIM
              b. Distribution/dynamics of the WIM
              c. Heating of the WIM
  • Relationship to other ISM components

In the tradition of past Green Bank Workshops the total number of participants will be limited (~50 people) which allows for candid discussions. The workshop will be held from the evening of Sunday, October 6 through the afternoon of Wednesday, October 9. Only a limited number of talks will be given which will allow ample time for discussion. Talks given will focus on new results and general reviews.

There will be space and time for poster presentations. There are no planned proceedings for this workshop other than a review summary in PASP.


6 – 9 October 2019


Green Bank ObservatoryGreen Bank, WV 24944United States of America