Galaxy Forum Hainan 2018

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International Lunar Observatory Association (ILOA) is hosting Galaxy Forum Hainan 2018: China with the themes International Human Moon Missions and Astronomy from the Moon, being held 4-7 December 2018 on ‘China’s Hawaii’ and southernmost province Hainan Island.  It is co-sponsored by National Astronomical Observatories of China, Chinese Society of Astronautics, International Astronautical Federation, and Canadian Space Agency.

Key speakers include Apollo 11 Buzz Aldrin, First China Astronaut Yang Liwei, NAOC Prof. Ziyuan Ouyang, Prof. Heino Falcke of Netherlands-China Low-frequency Explorer, India Institute of Astrophysics Prof. Jayant Murthy, and others.  100-200 participants are expected from international leading astronomers, lunar scientists, engineers, space agency experts, space community professionals, and enthusiasts.

ILOA is sponsoring the ‘First Women on the Moon’ 100-word essay contest due 5 October, 12:00 Hawaii Standard Time (UTC-10) for any woman 21 years or older from any nation, country, continent, background and ability - to detail why she wants to become the First Woman on the Moon and the significance of landing the First Woman on the Moon. See  for full Contest details.

Astronaut Soyeon Yi, formerly of Korea Aerospace Research Institute, will help ILOA associates review and select a Contest Winner for the Grand Prize of all-expenses-paid round-trip airline tickets and accommodations for ILOA Galaxy Forum Hainan 2018, China at Hilton Wenchang to participate in the “First Women on the Moon” special luncheon panel featuring Astronauts Soyeon Yi, Naoko Yamazaki, other Astronauts from China, Japan and USA (TBD). Reimbursement for passport and China Visa, and expedited fees, will also be provided, if necessary.

ILOA is an interglobal enterprise incorporated in Hawai’i as a 501(c)(3) non-profit to realize the multifunctional ILO -- to advance human knowledge of the Cosmos through observation from our Moon, and to participate in lunar base build-out with Aloha. The ILOA since 2008 has also cosponsored with its Space Age Publishing Company affiliate an international series of 85 Galaxy Forums.


4 – 7 December 2018


Hilton Wenchang, Hainan Island, China