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ALMA North America-Taiwan Joint Conference: Magnetic Fields or Turbulence: Which is the critical factor for the formation of stars and planetary disks?


6 - 9 February 2018


National Tsing-Hua University, Taiwan


Shih-Ping Lai and Leslie Looney on behalf of the SOC

ALMA North America-Taiwan Joint Conference

"Magnetic Fields or Turbulence:  Which is the critical factor for the formation of stars and planetary disks?"

The unprecedented high sensitivity of ALMA provides the best opportunity so far to resolve one of the most debated questions in star formation: whether magnetic fields or turbulence play a critical role?

Since ALMA has started to produce magnetic field measurements for a few years,  we will host a conference in Taiwan to promote the discussion on this important question.
We have invited a group of established as well as young and upcoming researchers  to present reviews, new results from ALMA, and important complementary observations from other telescopes, including SMA, BLAST-pol, HAWC+ on SOFIA, etc.

While the focus of this conference is on magnetic fields and turbulence, you are welcome to present related work on star formation studies.
Participants with divergent background will be beneficial for discussion of our conference topic. 
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