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COSPAR-16-E1.19: Physics of Galaxy Clusters


30 July - 7 August 2016


Istanbul, Turkey


Contributed abstracts due February 12th:

The field of galaxy clusters is undergoing rapid change as existing X-ray instruments such as Chandra, XMM-Newton, and new instruments such as Astro-H, eROSITA, and NuSTAR probe cluster evolution, resolve turbulence, and measure higher energies and temperatures.  New radio observatories like ASKAP, LOFAR, SKA, and upgrades to the VLA will probe fainter radio halos and relics, better characterizing their polarization at low frequencies, and will probe the motions of galaxies within the ICM. And finally, high resolution and multi-frequency SZ instruments like ALMA, GISMO2, MUSTANG-1.5, and NIKA2 will improve ICM pressure substructure studies and provide a handle on line of sight mergers through the kinetic SZ effect. This proposed event will bring together observational and theoretical communities in the fields of cluster microphysics, early universe cosmology.

The meeting will include both invited and contributed talks, covering both new observations of galaxy clusters and the implied theoretical aspects. Confirmed invited speakers include: Henk Hoekstra (Leiden Univ.), Mike McDonald (MIT), Rashid Sunyaev (MPA), Reinout van Weeren (CfA), Norbert Werner (Stanford Univ.), Irina Zhuravleva (Stanford Univ.).

Scientific organizers:
Esra Bulbul (MIT)
Randall Smith (SAO)
Eugene Churazov (MPA, Germany)
Mike Gladders (University of Chicago, USA)
Tony Mroczkowski (NRL, USA)
Naomi Ota (Nara Women's University, Japan)
Etienne Pointecouteau (IRAP, France)
Huub Rottgering (Leiden University, Netherlands)