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The Star of Bethlehem: Historical and Astronomical Perspectives


23 - 24 October 2014


Groningen, The Netherlands


The University of Groningen is celebrating its 400th Anniversary in 2014. To commemorate that event a special 2-day Colloquium "The Star of Bethlehem: Historical and Astronomical Perspectives", is being held on 23-24 October 2014, in Groningen, The Netherlands. This Colloquium is particularly timely as also 400 years ago, in 1614, Johannes Kepler published his book "De vero anno quo aeternus dei filius humanam naturam in utero benedictae Virginis Mariae assumpsit", on the chronology related to the Star of Bethlehem.

22 specialists in the fields of (the history of) astronomy, ancient history, religion, society and culture, will discuss the various aspects of the Star of Bethlehem. Besides the invited specialists there is room for about 25 guest attendants. All will be able to take part in the group discussions which conclude each of the five meeting sessions (chaired by moderators).

It is the purpose of this international Colloquium to engage with recent theories for the Star of Bethlehem, such as those of Michael Molnar (The Star of Bethlehem - Legacy of the Magi), drawing on the expertise of all relevant related fields of ancient astronomy/astrology and ancient history and religion.