Educator Workshops

Education Workshops at AAS Meetings

Various education workshops are held one or two days proceeding each AAS Meeting.

Workshop for New Faculty in Physics and Astronomy

The American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT), in conjunction with the American Astronomical Society (AAS) and the American Physical Society (APS), hold a workshop for new physics and astronomy faculty members in November each year at the American Center for Physics. Now in its eighth year, this annual conference helps new faculty understand how students learn physics and astronomy and suggests how this information can impact a new professor's teaching methods. The workshop is funded by the National Science Foundation's Division of Undergraduate Education.

Nominations of faculty to attend the Workshop should be submitted by department heads before the third week of September. The capacity of the Workshop is limited, and nominations are generally accepted in the order in which they are received. For more information, please contact the AAPT Programs Department at [email protected] or the AAS Education Office at [email protected].

Please see the AAPT website for information about the workshop.

Goals for Astronomy 101

Workshops on the teaching of introductory astronomy were held in 2001 for astronomy department chairs and other leaders at selected major research universities to discuss the goals for "Astro 101" courses. The full report authored by Bruce Partridge and George Greenstein has been published in the Astronomy Education Review, volume 2, Issue 2, 2003.