Working Group on the Preservation of Astronomical Heritage (WGPAH)


Jennifer Bartlett
Jennifer L. Bartlett

History: Established at the 209th Meeting, January 2007 in Seattle, in response to a report from the Historical Astronomy Division (HAD).

Members: Twelve members nominated by the HAD Executive Committee on the basis of their professional qualifications relating to the preservation of sites, astronomical instruments, and historical documents. Two additional members will represent the concerns of active research observatories.

Term: Three years staggered, terms beginning and ending at the close of the annual summer meeting. Members may be re-appointed.

Chair: Nominated by the HAD Executive Committee; confirmed by the AAS Board of Trustees.

Charge: The Working Group is charged with developing and disseminating procedures, criteria and priorities for identifying, designating, and preserving astronomical structures, instruments, and records so that they will continue to be available for astronomical and historical research, for the teaching of astronomy, and for outreach to the general public.


The Working Group may interact with other academic, international, or governmental organizations, as appropriate to advance the preservation of astronomical heritage.

Board of Trustees Liaison

Kevin B. Marvel

Board Liaison

Term: Jun 2015 – Jun 2021

Committee Members

Wayne Osborn

Term: Jun 2008 – Jun 2020

Stephen C. McCluskey

Term: Jun 2008 – Jun 2020

Sara Schechner

Term: Jun 2008 – Jun 2020

Kevin Schindler

Term: Jun 2017 – Jun 2020

E. C. Krupp

Term: Aug 2016 – Jun 2022

David H. DeVorkin

Term: Jun 2007 – Jun 2022

Kenneth I. Kellermann

Term: Jun 2016 – Jun 2022

Brenda G. Corbin

Term: Jun 2010 – Jun 2021

Virginia L. Trimble

Term: Jun 2007 – Jun 2022

Thomas A. Hockey

Term: Jun 2015 – Jun 2021

Richard J. Patterson

Term: Jun 2018 – Jun 2021

R. Elizabeth M. Griffin

Term: Jun 2007 – Jun 2022

James M. Lattis

Term: Jun 2008 – Jun 2022

Jennifer L. Bartlett


Term: Jun 2012 – Jun 2021