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Publications Committee

History: AAS Bylaws Article VI, Sec. 3, Approved 1 January 1979; revised January 2015.

Members: There shall be 9 or 10 voting members of the Publications Committee, consisting of eight regular members, the chair, and every fourth year a chair-elect. The Board of Trustees shall appoint Publications Committee members from nominees provided by the Nominating Committee. Written consent to serve shall be required of all candidates for the Publications Committee. If a vacancy occurs, the Board of Trustees may name new members as necessary. The Special Libraries Association (SLA), Physics-Astronomy-Mathematics (PAM) Division's Astronomy Roundtable shall nominate a non-voting committee member, who will be approved by the Board of Trustees.

Term: The regular committee members shall each serve for four years. Two new members shall be appointed each year to replace two retiring members. The chair shall serve a term of four years following one year as chair-elect. A new chair-elect shall be elected every fourth year. The term for the SLA PAM Division's representative is also four years.

Chair: The chair-elect shall be voted on by the AAS membership. Nominees shall be selected by the Nominating Committee, in close consultation with the editors-in-chief, the current committee chair, and President. Nominees must have previously served on the Publications Committee or in some capacity of scholarly publishing activities.

Charge: The Publication Committee regularly reviews the publication policies of each of the Society publications and, in consultation with the Editor in Chief, reports its findings and recommendations to the Board of Trustees; reviews new initiatives relevant to AAS Publishing in consultation with the Editor in Chief and reports its findings and recommendations to the Board of Trustees; oversees the recruitment and hiring of the Editor in Chief; oversees the annual performance review of the Editor in Chief; reviews and approves Lead Editor appointments made by the Editor in Chief and consults in the selection of Scientific Editors. The Publishing Committee is otherwise available to advise and provide independent oversight on all activities pertinent to AAS Publishing.


Michael Strauss

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