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Nominating Committee

History: Established ByLaws, Article VI., Sec. 1

Members: (From AAS ByLaws, Art. VI): Five full Members of the AAS except voting members of the AAS Council (Sec.1(a)); two names for each vacancy nominated from the floor at the annual business meeting (Sec.1(c).); additional nominations may be made in writing to the Secretary signed by five AAS Members who have not nominated any other candidate for the Committee by this method (Sec. 1(d)); elected by the membership.

Term: Three years (upon announcement of election results, usually Feb. - Feb.); staggered appointments, so that no more than two new members are elected in any one year; terms not immediately renewable after expiration (Sec.1(b).).

Chair: Elected annually by the newly constituted committee presided over by the outgoing Chair; Term one year; must have served at least one year on Nominating Committee before being eligible for Chair (Sec.1(i)).

Charge: Prepares slates of candidates for Society Officers: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Councilors, Publications Board Chair, Education Officer, Press Officer, certain representatives to other organizations.

Committee members