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Membership Committee

History: Established January, 1982.

Members: Chair with three other members appointed by the President.

Term: One year, June to June, from the close of one Annual Members' Meeting to the close of the next Annual Members' Meeting.

Chair: AAS Executive Officer.

Charge: The Executive Officer will refer questionable membership applications to this Committee. The full Board of Trustees will only review such applications if the Committee cannot or feels it should not resolve the question. The Committee also will consider all other matters relating to Society membership and membership policy and advise the Board as needed.

Committee members

  • Kevin B. Marvel, Chair (Jun 2005 - Jun 2020)
    American Astronomical Society (AAS)
    1667 K St NW Ste 800
    Executive Office
    Washington, DC 20006-1681 United States
    (202) 328-2010, ext. 114
    Fax: (202) 234-2560
  • Stephen C. Unwin (Jun 2018 - Jun 2019)