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Membership Committee

History: Established under new AAS Bylaws in 2018, Section 4.19.

Members: The Executive Officer or their designee and four additional AAS members selected by the Board of Trustees.

Term: Except for the Executive Officer, the members of this committee serve at the pleasure of the Board of Trustees.

Chair: The Executive Officer or their designee.

Charge: The Membership Committee shall, subject to the oversight of the Board of Trustees, review applications for membership or affiliation submitted to the Society; provide recommendations for new members of the Society not otherwise meeting the requirements for membership, in accordance with Section 2.01(b) of these Bylaws; and perform such other duties as determined by policy of the Board of Trustees.

Committee members

  • Kevin B. Marvel, Chair (Jun 2005 - Jun 2020)
    American Astronomical Society (AAS)
    1667 K St NW Ste 800
    Executive Office
    Washington, DC 20006-1681 United States
    (202) 328-2010, ext. 114
    Fax: (202) 234-2560