May 2011: Transforming Cultural Norms

Mentoring/Networking Groups for Women and Minorities

Special session 214, 218th AAS Meeting, Boston MA, Tuesday, May 24, 2011, 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM. Our panelists were:

  • Marcel Agueros -- astronomy faculty and Director of Columbia University's Bridge to PhD program in the Natural Sciences
  • Ed Bertschinger -- Chair of the MIT Physics department and deeply involved in a number of mentoring, networking, and cultural change initiatives, member of the CSWA
  • Kim Coble -- physics/astronomy faculty at Chicago State University, a minority serving institution in Chicago, deeply involved in mentoring and pipeline issues
  • Meredith Danowski -- astronomy PhD student and co-founder of Boston University's women in STEM mentoring and networking program
  • Jim Ulvestad -- NSF-AST director, head of astro2010 demographics study group, and former member of the CSWA

The videotape we made of this special session (thank you BU graduate student!), split into 3 parts, is posted here.