Beyond Astronomy Academe Task Force


Alice K. B. Monet, AAS Secretary
Alice K. B. Monet
AAS Secretary

History: The new task force was called to action by the President and was approved by the Board of Trustees. It is a continuation of the past task force that was put together by Past President Megan Donahue.

Term: The term is temporary, starting on February 2021, and will end once the task force finalizes its recommendation, which will be presented to the Board.

Charge: We are expanding the charter into a full recommendation document for the AAS in order to help members, especially early career members and students who are contemplating career paths outside of academia.

Report: The Beyond Astronomy Academe Task Force final report can be found here.

Committee Co-Chairs

Stephen J. Mackwell

American Institute of Physics (AIP)

Term: Feb 2021 – Jan 2030

Committee Members

Doris Daou

NASA Astrophysics Division
Board Liaison

Term: Feb 2023 – Jun 2026

Input to the Task Force was also provided by these members of the Employment and Education Committees:

Tania Anderson, Space Telescope Science Institute
Sanlyn Buxner, University of Arizona (Co-Chair, Education Committee)
Meredith Danowski, Ball Aerospace
Chelen Johnson, SOFIA Science Center
Kelsey Johnson, University of Virginia
Karen Masters, Haverford (Co-Chair, Education Committee)
Amelia Malling, GLAS Education
Kate Meredith, GLAS Education
Lee Anne Willson, Iowa State University